COVID-19 Relief Fund

NLBH COVID-19 Relief Fund –  New Leaf Behavioral Health (NLBH) established the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help individuals and families in need of urgent mental health care currently offered to individuals in Wake, Durham, and Johnston counties.  

The Need for Mental Health Services for our Most Vulnerable is an Imperative

Every day the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of our community grows.  Loss of employment, financial stress, coping with change and isolation, anxiety, and depression are just some of the struggles we are all facing.  Mental illness does not discriminate and many are suffering.  New Leaf Behavioral Health has worked hard in recent weeks to continue to provide support to 100% of our current clients despite limitations, and we would like the opportunity to expand our resources to those the growing number of individuals in need.

  • We have moved 100% to teletherapy with special accommodations with clients who have limited access to technology
  • We are waiving 100% of fees for clients in our reduced fee program (those without insurance or limited insurance benefits) to provide needed support during this uncertain time
  • We continue to employ 100% of our employees despite changes in the limitations of our service delivery due to COVID-19
  • We staff an after-hours crisis line to support clients that are struggling outside of their regularly scheduled appointments
  • Our office continues to remain open 12 hours a day throughout the week with additional weekend hours

The Numbers In Need of Mental Health Care are Growing

We need your help to continue supporting the most vulnerable in our community and expand mental health services to those with mental health needs.  The NLBH COVID-19 Relief Fund will provide desperately needed counseling services for those without insurance and those with limited mental health benefits.

  • We will be able to continue to provide access to free and low fee services for the growing number of individuals coming to us in need of support
  • We will be able to help absorb an influx of clients coming to us who had been receiving services elsewhere but have been turned away
  • We will be able to provide support for the many people who are experiencing emotional distress as a result of life changes associated with COVID-19
  • 100% of your donation will be used directly to help people

With your help, we strive to be able to help all that come to us without turning anyone away.

For one of the first times in recent history, society has sacrificed living their normal daily lives in order to protect the most vulnerable.  We are given the opportunity to come together, by staying apart.  This impacts many who are struggling with mental health issues as it removes them from social supports and other means of coping with the increased stress of this time.  Your gift will help support some of those most struggling with mental health issues, currently amplified by this pandemic.

Patrick Malloy
Executive Director, New Leaf Behavioral Health