NLBH Board Member Commitment Requirements

A nonprofit organization’s Board of Directors is collectively responsible for ensuring effective and fiscally sound operations and programs to support the organization’s mission. Each Director is expected to provide leadership and fulfill their obligations of service through active participation in Board affairs including Board and Committee meetings, fundraising activities, and special events in coordination with staff and other volunteers.

New Leaf Behavioral Health’s Board of Directors strongly encourages people from all backgrounds to apply for this opportunity.

General Expectations

  • Understand what it means to serve on a nonprofit’s Board of Directors. Refer to these resources for further information:
    Council of Nonprofits – Board Roles and Responsibilities
    Board Effect – Top 10 Duties of Nonprofit Board Members
  • NLBH strives for 100% Board giving. Each Board Member is asked to make a personal financial contribution to NLBH each year in an amount that is meaningful to them, whether that involves joining our monthly giving program, or donating at a time throughout the year convenient to you.
  • All board members must actively participate in fundraising efforts.
  • Participate in orientation and training, including an initial onboarding and a continuous focus on education on NLBH’s operations and issues impacting mental health.
  • Carry out the general responsibilities of a member of the Board of Directors. This includes helping fundraise, attending occasional organization events, and leading others under your focus area to achieve organization objectives.
  • Work with all other teams to collect, compile, frame, and disseminate organization news, information, stories, and other media.
  • Report to the full Board on team decisions/recommendations.

Time Commitment

Length of Board Term: Board Terms last three (3) years. Board members may be re-elected at the end of their term.

Time Commitment: Board member’s are asked to carefully assess the time commitment and ensure that they are committed to completing a term on the board.  This may include attending a monthly board meeting, chairing or co-chairing one of the board’s committees,  participating in events, facilitating awareness of the organization through outreach and occasional fundraising events.

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are generally held on the last Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 8:00pm, though some meetings are often shorter.  This schedule may be altered in the event of a conflict with a holiday or special event.  Quarterly meetings are held in person in Raleigh with interim monthly meetings held virtually. **Currently, all meetings are held virtually due to COVID-19.

If you are interested in applying for a position on our Board of Directors, please complete our board application here.