New Leaf Behavioral Health is partnered with the community, including area physicians and social service agencies, to create a system of care that helps identify individuals who may benefit from mental health services. When mental health symptoms are identified and treated early, often the effects can be reduced so as to minimize the impact on the individual and family.

New Leaf’s prevention and early intervention programs strive to bring mental health awareness into the lives of all members of the community through public education initiatives and dialogue. To facilitate accessing supports at the earliest possible signs of mental health problems and concerns, we provide mental health information and materials at sites where people go for other routine activities (e.g., health providers, education facilities, information fairs, youth organizations, community programs). Mental health becomes part of wellness for individuals and the community, reducing the potential for stigma and discrimination against individuals with mental illness.

We promote an early intervention model of mental health that emphasizes overall wellness through better access to services. Our program is able to achieve this by employing a wide range of licensed therapists with a variety of specialties, accepting most major insurance plans, and offering an affordable reduced fee program for those without insurance or mental health coverage. It is our goal that individuals considering counseling will have more options and therefore will have the choice to seek help sooner.