New Leaf believes that people in need of help should be able to receive effective mental health care that is both affordable and accessible.  Our socially responsible philosophy is supported by the many volunteers that generously donate their time and talents to furthering our mission.  The volunteer experience at New Leaf is highly individualized based on the vast talents offered by our volunteers.  Below are common volunteer activities one can participate in.  We understand that a volunteer’s talents many not fit a specific category, so we encourage anyone wanting to volunteer with New Leaf to contact us at (919) 781-8370 or email us at volunteer@nlbh.org to find out more about volunteer opportunities!

Volunteer Activities:

  • Administrative – help provide administrative support to our clinical programs
  • Outreach – participate in activities that educate the public and community providers about mental health issues and treatment options and assist in promoting our mission through a variety of outlets
  • Clinical – helping co-facilitate free psycho-educational groups offered to at risk youth (clinical background required)
  • IT/Technology – help strategically plan for and implement technology to further the mission of the organization

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