Volunteer Experiences

Volunteering at New Leaf Behavioral Health was a fantastic experience. I loved working with Dava, Patrick, and the office staff. During my time at New Leaf I was able to work on a variety of projects, such as grant writing and quality assurance, as well as assist with the daily tasks that keep New Leaf running. My experience proved to me how important it is to make therapy accessible for everyone. I am motivated more than ever to pursue a career that will allow me to embody the mission of providing mental health services to underserved populations.

Rosie Rohrs, 8/25/17

I volunteered at New Leaf the summer before my senior year of college. This opportunity opened my eyes to how much truly goes into running a successful organization—namely a mental health organization. While I would like to consider myself well informed when it comes to psychology and counseling, what I know is solely from an educational standpoint. I am extremely grateful for my time at New Leaf, everyone was truly welcoming and helped me gain significant skills that will benefit my future endeavors.

Mikki Warszawski, 8/30/17

I had the pleasure to volunteer at New Leaf Behavioral Health over the summer of 2017. I was unsure what to expect on my first day, but instantly, all the staff members from NLBH welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like I was part of their team. Not only was the staff helpful by showing me all the aspects of their organization, but also any personal needs. They provided their guidance to help me decide which career path and which graduate school was right for me.

This volunteer opportunity taught me a lot, both professionally and personally. I gained confidence and professionalism while doing my volunteer work and felt certain I selected the right career path in counseling. NLBH gave me a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects in the behavioral health industry. This hands-on experience will be extremely beneficial, and I know I will use the techniques I learned from the staff at NLBH as a guide in my career. Volunteering at New Leaf Behavioral Health was a rewarding experience and I encourage anyone who is interested in behavioral health to volunteer here as well!

Lacey Carver, 9/7/17