With the advent of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 precautions, New Leaf has moved to a combination of telephone and teletherapy sessions.  We understand that there can be a greater need for mental health services during this time and our therapists are able to continue to schedule appointments with existing clients.  We are continuing to take new clients, but will be temporarily limiting those sessions to teletherapy sessions for the short-term.

What Does Insurance Cover?

We are thankful that many of the insurance companies have made changes to their coverage of teletherapy appointments as to help individuals continue to use their insurance benefits and save on cost.  If you are using private insurance, teletherapy sessions will be temporarily covered for most insurance plans.  If you have any questions about scheduling or what is covered by your insurance, please feel free to call us at (919) 781-8370 or email us at

What are My Options?

While we would prefer teletherapy sessions with video (so that you can see your therapist and visa versa), we can also provide services by phone.  Phone sessions may be a better option if there is limited privacy during the time you’ll be talking with your therapist or if you have limitations in accessing the internet or have data restrictions.  There are a couple of exceptions to being able to schedule phone sessions, with one of those being that we do want all new clients to have a teletherapy session as their first session and then move to phone afterward.  A couple of insurance companies do not allow for phone sessions only, so we’ll be happy to provide any information or answer any questions you might have.  Please give us a call at (919) 781-8370 or email us at

Internet Access or Mobile Device Data

Many local internet companies and cellular phone services providers are allowing for free access and waiving data overage charges.  Please look up your internet or cellular plan to see if you are able to benefit from some of these allowances to help out during this unusual time.